About Josie 

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Hey there, I'm Josie!

I guess the title of this section is a dead giveaway... but I must admit, it's the truth. My name really is Josie. I used to be the only Josie Balka in the world, for real, but then another Josie married someone with the last name Balka who happens to have a huge following on some kind of reality TV show - so if that's the Josie you're looking for, you've come to the wrong place darlin'.


My life was a lot more interesting pre COVID... but who didn't have a way more interesting life pre COVID? I should break this website up like the bible but BC will stand for 'before COVID'. I stole that joke. 


I'm trying to peruse the insides of my brain for the most important little factoids that I could fill you in on to help you get to know who I really am. You know, to convince you to read on and stay updated as I take you through my day to day life, and hopefully connect with you on some kind of emotional level so we can be BFF's forever. I'm a radio host in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I'm weird as hell. I've been in love with like 55 guys but have only had 4 boyfriends. I hope that's mildly relatable. I've lost over 120 lbs in the last few years through only diet and exercise, and then had a surgery that changed my entire life. The surgery was the kind where they remove a bunch of excess skin from weight loss patients. I almost died. Like, I didn't... but I did. I'll get to that on this website, too. 


I always talk about my weight-loss like it's the most significant thing about me. As if when you're in a room full of people anyone in there EVER cares how much you weigh currently, or how much you once weighed, right? So here's a list of things I love, and things I hate which may be more interesting than what happens when I step on a scale. 

You may relate:



  • The colour pink

  • Nice people

  • Swimming

  • Working out 

  • Vodka Soda 

  • Crappy tv and movies 

  • Taylor Swift 

  • Shooting videos

  • Writing songs / blogs / poetry 

  • My job 

  • My friends 

  • Life as a whole is pretty loveable. 


  • Cilantro

  • Rude people

  • Waiting in line

  • Wreckless drivers 

  • Boring conversations 

  • Fighting with people 

  • When no one tells me what to order at a restaurant

I could tell you I grew up in Toronto, but that's boring news. I could tell you that I think I might be celiac... but that's boring too. I could tell you about all the rooms I've cried in in my life but that's too many. Also can I swear on here? Is this a swear blog? EFF IT LET'S DO IT. Kidding, I'm gonna google if I'm allowed to do that first. I want this to be the kind of website that doesn't get blocked by your workplace browser, ja feel? 

I honestly don't know if my life is interesting enough to become a blog, so this will all just be a social experiment. I do know that you and I very likely relate on a whole lot of levels. Like, maybe you get upset about really dumb stuff all the time. Or maybe you binge eat alone in your apartment once in a while. Or maybe you get mad at your boyfriend when he doesn't text with enough emojis. Maybe you're on a journey of your own. Or, maybe you're looking for a friend. If any of these things apply to you - I promise I have something to offer you. Thanks for hopping on the Josie train.